Committed To Safety Everyday

The Management of Grant Production Testing Services Ltd. (Grant PTS) is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for all employees, and contractors. Within Grant PTS, safety is paramount and all managers, supervisors, employees, and contractors must constantly strive to achieve a safe work environment.

Understanding that personal safety, incident prevention, and environmental protection are individual responsibilities, all employees, and contractors are empowered to identify risks and develop solutions to Health, Safety & Environmental issues. All Grant PTS employees and contractors must strive to protect their fellow workers health and safety by working in compliance with all applicable provincial legislation, regulations, safe work practices and procedures.

Grant PTS is dedicated to developing safe work practices and procedures, following Industry Recommended Practices and ensuring all employees have the required training to work in compliance with these rules. All employees and contractors must recognize and accept that they have a mutual responsibility to work safely, maintain a safe workplace, and report any unsafe conditions immediately to management.

Grant PTS recognizes the importance of protecting the environment and the need to integrate environmental priorities in the planning and execution of its operations. Operations will be conducted within a safe work environment and with due consideration to any environmental impacts.”

Journey Management

Our Journey Management Software

Of all the tasks in the petroleum industry, driving to and from a job site is what poses the biggest hazard to our workers. Safety is our number one priority and making sure our drivers and anyone sharing the road with them are safe is important to everyone at Grant PTS.

One way we try to manage this risk at Grant PTS is by equipping our vehicles with real time monitoring (RTM) systems. By using this we’re able to track all vehicles to monitor driver behaviour, ensure proper vehicle use, work breaks and safety.All Grant PTS vehicles, including ones that are leased and subcontracted, are equipped with RTM.

Before the advent of RTM systems, a company’s only method of combating unsafe driving habits was purely reactive. With RTM a company can now act quickly based on immediate data and manage Grant’s fleet effectively.

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Training Excellence

Safety is our number one priority


Trained and competent staff are essential to the success of any operation. To meet our training needs, Grant PTS University was created to provide training built from our Safe Work Practices, Standard Operating Procedures, Job Safety Analyses and the Safety Management System in entirety. Grant PTS University provides employees with knowledge specific to tasks completed and is not a “canned” training system!


The Optic System is based on a health and safety management framework that focuses on delivering information to help employees work safely. It’s a performance-based system which counts compliance as only one factor to consider. It allows for easy use and efficient accessibility to records, outstanding action tracking and reporting mechanisms.


A company is only as strong as its employees and with the highly cyclical nature of the oil and gas industry, it’s even more important for a competitive company to hire, train and retain a strong employee base. We’ve developed an in-house program aimed at new and inexperienced operators. It provides a base for certification in Well Test Supervisor Competency Program.