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At Grant Production Testing Services Ltd., we pride ourselves on our personnel and equipment. We have a goal of always having highly trained, well qualified staff in the field who work with only the best equipment. Our equipment is designed, engineered and manufactured to exceed industry standards for safety, quality and reliability.

Our employees, combined with the equipment bring safety, knowledge, performance and dependability to every site. Which gives our customers the peace of mind that each job will be completed safely and efficiently.  Innovations that we have incorporated to improve safety, performance and design are circulating heaters, gamajets, specialized tools, portable real time data collection systems and have many possibilities in the research and developmental stages.


Our Gamajet Options

Effectively cleaning your tanks with the right equipment can save you time spent cleaning and help decrease the amount of wash fluid needed. Gamajet’s rotary impingement tank cleaning machines use a combination of pressure and flow to create high impact cleaning jets.

Impingement cleaning is a patented process utilized by Gamajet cleaning machines. It projects cleaning fluid, like water, in a specially engineered stream which hits the target surface with precise pressure and at the right angles to give the most effective cleaning solution for a tank system. Because of this impact and the tangential force radiating from that point the Gamajet blasts containment from the surface, scouring the tank interior.

In conjunction with this impact, the Gamajet is engineered to rotate in a precise and repeatable and reliable, 360-degree pattern. This full-coverage, global indexing pattern ensures the entire tank interior is cleaned. The machines are created to deliver optimal output but with the least amount of flow and pressure which adds to the effectiveness of its cleaning capabilities.

¼ `` BTU/Hr Heater

Tank Heater Services

Ensuring your product maintains the proper heat level is one of the best ways to make sure things continue to run smoothly while out in the field. That’s why 80% of Grant PTS separators are equipped with efficient 0.25 mm BTU/hr circulating heaters. The heaters are all compact, self-contained, extremely versatile and easy to operate and maintain.

The heater circulates hot glycol through a coil along the lower section of the vessel, eliminating any chance of product freezing in the tank. This can save you on wasted product and protect your investment. It can also cut the cost of needing a separate steam unit or boiler on location.

The heaters can utilize glycol or steam (if available) in the coils and can be used to vaporize propane, thus eliminating the need for a hazardous vaporizer. All heaters use a flame arrester and push button ignition system to ensure the safety of all workers on site.  Another bonus to using a glycol heated system is that they’re environmentally friendly, meaning their footprint can be as small as an eighth of the size of a traditional boiler building.