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Managers and Supervisors are responsible
to ensure:


  • The health and safety of the workers and the visitors on the work site.
  • Workers are properly trained to do their jobs and are aware of their responsibilities.
  • Compliance with all government regulations, industry standards, and company guide lines.
  • Appropriate tools and safety equipment are supplied, used and maintained in a safe manner.
  • Workers use required safety and personal protective equipment.
  • Workers are aware of their right to refuse unsafe work.
  • Workers are informed of what is expected of them.


All Workers are responsible to:


  • Protect the health and safety of themselves and others on the work site.
  • Properly use and maintain personal protective equipment.
  • Abide by all government regulations and company policies, procedures or standards.
  • Report accidents and potential hazards to their supervisors.
  • Refuse to work under unsafe conditions or perform work for which they are not adequately trained.
  • To ask questions where any uncertainty of a job task may exist


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